Backup XL

How to backup your computer the easy way – for free!

An easy to use computer backup solution is essential to everyone.
You want power, but simplicity,

Ease of use,but functional,
Backup XL has all that and more!

With set it and forget it technology, Backup XL is for everyone :-)
And not just the techies.

Here is a screen-shot of Backup XL in action :

Backup XL is a windows system tray application that silently monitors a source folder
(folder to watch) of choice, for file/folder changes,as they happen in real time.

It detects source folder changes (modifications in a sub directory).

Every time Backup XL detects files and or folder changes it automatically
backs up to a destination folder that you choose from the really easy
to use interface

Backup XL can also optionally backup your computer from within a
pre-defined time interval.

From within Backup XL the destination folder can be a net drive,
a usb memory stick or a free google drive or a dropbox (with dropbox software installed) account.

With Backup XL you can also select an sequencial backups feature.

a feature that copies only modified files to an automatically
incrementing number destination directory.

If the last desination was C:\destdir\1 the next time it detects changes
the output dir will be c:\destdir\2 because it automatically increments
folder names.

From within Backup XL you can choose to copy only modified files
from the source dir to destination dir making Backup XL really efficient.

Backup XL can also copy entire source directories (and all contents within)
to it’s destination dir.

There are just a couple of options to select to begin automatically backing up
your most precious files. That’s set it and forget it technology!

Here is a video of Backup XL in action!

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Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win 7 and Win 8!

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